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20 Seeds/bag Jasmine Seed Indoor Plants Perennial Flower Seeds Garden Flower Seeds

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Flower language: Jasmine is clean, rich, Qingfen, long time, its florid that loyalty, respect, pure, chaste, simple, exquisite, charming.Many countries as a flower of love, between young men and women, each sent jasmine to express love. It is also the flower of friendship, passing among people. Watch: Indoor cultivation: color white, strong flavor, for the common garden and potted ornamental aromatic flowers.Multi-purpose potted, decorated room capacity, elegant and pleasant, but also processed into garlands and other decorations. Economic: Jasmine can extract jasmine oil, is the manufacture of raw materials flavor. Jasmine can also be smoked tea, or steamed juice, can replace the rose dew. Edible: Jasmine tea is the specialty of Fuzhou, is a special process of modeling tea or refined after the green tea bacon and jasmine flowers scent from the tea varieties.In the tea classification, jasmine tea is still green tea. Jasmine flower is very fragrant, for the famous tea raw materials and important flavor raw materials. Propagation and cultivation: cuttings, tiller, layering. Cuttings in soil temperature conditions were about 30, take a year old branches, long 10-13cm, insert plain sand, the spray permeable, cover glass, placed in the shade, one week after the shift into half shade, keep moist soil, a month root. Timely irrigation after planting, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, especially very particular about the proper leafy, flowers continuously. Scientific name: (L) Jasminum sambac Ait. Fame: Arabian Jasmine Families and genera and Form: Oleaceae , Jasmin , evergreen shrubs or vines , high 0.5 ~ 3m. Slender branches . Leaves simple, opposite , elliptic or oval , entire, quality thin and shiny. Flowers white, fragrant , often 3-9 flowers cymes , or axillary , flowering from May to October , from July to August height , has to open three times. Origin and Distribution: produced in India, Iran and the Arabian Peninsula . China has already introduced cultivation, now in Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces are cultivated. Habits: hi light, little shade . Hi warm and humid climate , chills, dry . Hi fertile and well-drained acidic soil . No water logging and bases. Medicinal: Jasmine, leaves and roots can be medicinal, the general autumn after digging roots, sliced dry spare; summer and autumn flowers, dry spare. Jasmine flower, leaf medicine treatment of red eyes and throat, and cough and phlegm effect. Purpose: white flowers, fragrant , known as the flower of the share. Often wearing flower corsages can be extracted flavors, can Dai tea. Flowers, leaves , roots , pleasant drugs colour: White Material: Seed note: about 20 seeds in each bag. Package Contents: 20 * Jasmine Seed Only the above package content, other products are not included. Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

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